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Posted on January 3, 2014

Camp Twin Lakes

Camp Twin Lakes

Anyone who ever loved summer camp as a child can relate nostalgic details of cabins, hikes, crafts, pranks, and campfires. Any child who ever went to Camp Twin Lakes can do the same, but with a twist. For these campers, the best memories may be about activities that they thought were completely out of reach: Completing a ropes course with a team of new friends. Learning to swim. Performing in the Wacky Olympics or a talent show. Being helped from a wheelchair onto a zip line — or a horse.

Camp Twin Lakes (CTL) offers weeklong summer camp sessions and year-round weekend retreats, which provide life-changing camp experiences for thousands of Georgia’s children with serious illnesses, disabilities and other life challenges. CTL comprises three state-of-the-art, medically supportive, fully accessible campsites, as well as Camp-To-Go programs in children’s hospitals across the state.

A national model, Camp Twin Lakes collaborates with more than 50 local nonprofit organizations (Camp Partners) to provide programs and opportunities that enable campers to have a shared experience with other children who face similar challenges. CTL follows strict operational protocols for safety, practices financial transparency, embraces ethnic, religious, and cultural diversity, and subsidizes 80 percent of the cost for every camper.

Since its first gift to Camp Twin Lakes in 2007, the Katz Foundation has proudly invested, together with CTL, in supporting families and children who have experienced life-changing illnesses or challenges.

Heard at Camp Twin Lakes:

“On 365 days a year, I can’t walk— but at Camp Twin Lakes, I can fly.”— a young camper, as she was gently lowered back into her wheelchair after flying down the zip line in a fully supportive body harness

“Camp gives me the strength to face the world for another year.”— a CTL camper

“CTL campers constantly comment on how powerful it is to feel normal, to be one of the group, and not to stand out because of their various illnesses or challenges.”— Dan Matthews, Director of Camping Services, Camp Twin Lakes

“You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”— a favorite quote at Camp Twin Lakes, by A.A. Milne